Emergency Services


A sump pump fails or a pipe bursts.  A+ Service Pro Emergency Team is fast and reliable.  We do not want to see your property get further damaged, nor do we want to see mold set in.


Did high winds tear off your shingles and siding?  Water leaks can now ruin your attic and interior walls.  Not anyone with a hammer can just tarp a roof!  Our licensed and experienced emergency team utilizes special trade methods to make sure that tarp will hold and keep water from further damaging your home!


Great care must be taken to protect one and other while cleaning hazardous substances. Even greater care must be taken to ensure that every remnant of a of a virus, toxin or chemical is decontaminated, sanitized or even removed from the site of a spill - not flushed into public waste or drain systems. Each sample from each project is analyzed in accordance with methods as prescribed by the EPA.


Fire or vandals lead to broken windows and knocked down doors.  A+ Service Pro Restoration Emergency Team is ready to secure your home and keep you safe 24/7.  Rodents and intruders must be kept out.

A Trusted Insurance-Recommended Contractor

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Customer Referral Program

Our customers refer us to their family and friends because they trust us and are happy with our services. A+ Service Pro was based on customer referrals, and today those referrals not only keep us in business, but also help our company grow so we can continually offer better service to everyone. Whether you are referring someone to us, or have been referred to us by someone else, be sure to let us know by filling out a short form on our Contact page or calling one of our locations.

Plumber Referral Program

We have a list of local plumbers who refer our services to their clients with water damage. Professional plumbers know when damage has occurred, and know to call A+ Service Pro when professional restoration services are required. If you are a plumber, call A+ to discuss a Plumber Referral Program that is right for you. We will bring major value to to your customers and your company.

Insurance Referral Program

We pride ourselves in the quality work we perform, and insurance companies are proud to refer us as well. A+ Service Pro is Advanced Xactimate Certified and are actively looking for insurance providers to partner with. If you are an insurance specialist and we are not on your list of preferred service providers, call A+ Service Pro to discuss how we can help ease the trouble of your insured clients.

The Insurance Company Pricing Guidelines Don’t Match What Local Contractors Are Charging?

Computers don’t repair and build homes…licensed contractors do. Your insurance company owes you for what an experienced and reputable contractor would charge you to do the required work to put your home back to its pre-loss condition. Insurance companies use guideline pricing and “Xactimate” (computerized home replacement cost estimating software) to predict how much materials and labor should cost. But an estimate prepared by a qualified local, licensed and bonded contractor who has visited the loss site and reviewed information about the pre-loss structure is generally the most reliable basis for a claim settlement.

What Are the Most Common Post-Disaster Insurance Problems?

  • Not having enough coverage (“underinsured”)
  • Delays
  • Confusion over what’s covered and what’s not
  • “Lowball” estimates and settlement offers
  • The adjuster assigned to the claim is unpleasant or hard to work with
  • Differences of opinion over scopes and values of losses

How Can I Get A Fair Claim On My Settlement?

If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest asset. Insurance companies often read their policies with a bias that is too much in their own favor. Don’t accept an insurance company’s calculation of what they owe on your claim without getting other opinions.

You paid good money for insurance benefits and good claim service. Do your best to settle your claim directly with your adjuster/insurer. Try getting help from elected officials, case managers and government agencies. But if you run out of energy or time, or feel you’re over your head, hire qualified professional help. Depending on your particular situation, a construction professional, policyholder attorney or a reputable public adjuster can make a huge difference in getting you back home without further delays and aggravation. But always be careful before hiring anyone or signing contracts. Scam artists prey on disaster victims.

What Should My First Steps Be?

If your home has been damaged or destroyed, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the loss and by the repair, replace and recovery process that lies ahead. If your property was insured, that insurance policy is the best vehicle to get you back home. If this is your first experience with a large insurance claim, recognize that it’s basically a business negotiation.

When it comes to insurance lingo, laws and construction estimating…you’re not on a level playing field with the experienced insurance company. But although you may be unfamiliar with your policy and the process in general, there are laws and rules that give you rights. Use them to negotiate and recover the full benefits you’re entitled to under the policy you paid for.

Our goal is to help you understand the process and your rights so you can be your own best advocate and know where and how to get help if you need it.

Start by reading your policy’s “declarations page”. It shows how your policy is divided into coverage categories: Dwelling (“Coverage A”), Other Structures (“Coverage B”), Personal Property (“Coverage C”), Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses (“Coverage D”), as well as other categories such as liability and medical payments. You may also have additional “Endorsements” or extras that may be listed on your declaration page.

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